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Learn what you need to change the way you lead your team so they become a high-performing unit.

This is how you lead
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The Unity Framework™ that I developed over past 15 years, will help you to reshape your leadership style from the ground up. You'll to empower your team to excel, so they they deliver significant outcomes AND enjoy working together. 

Expect reduced team turnover, enhanced conflict resolution abilities,
and a thriving, high-performance environment for everyone.


We’ll uncover limiting beliefs and develop a growth mindset to step into your next level of leadership.


We'll adjust your inner compass that guides your decision making and create your success plan.


Learn the fundamentals tools you need to lead and unify diverse teams, build trust and communicate effectively.

Leading High-Performing Teams

Learn how to lead diverse high-performing teams and develop the skills you need to create an empowering environment.

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"I had the privilege of working under Tamer's leadership, and it was a transformative experience."

Bruno Moura

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Learn the unique 4-phase framework live with Tamer and a likeminded group of leaders in the in the comfort of your home or office with the "Leadership for Change" course.

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"Tamer strengthened team dynamics, developed employees' capabilities and contributed significantly to the collective success."

Marcelo Giuggioloni

What does coaching with
Tamer look like?



Working with Tamer in a close-proximity container is a confidential and safe space where there’s nothing that can’t be discussed. It always stays between us.


Get a customized plan and actionable steps for overcoming challenges and advancing your leadership skills, to grow both your professional and personal life.


After putting in the work, you'll have a united team that thrives and you’ll lead with unshakable confidence, compassion and empathy for a bigger impact!

How to start your journey to a new level of diverse leadership


Learn live virtually in a group and network

The live online program is open multiple times each year. Attend live stream or watch the recordings later with lifetime access. Learn the fundamentals of how to unite a diverse team and lead it to success.

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1:1 Coaching Journey

The work we'll be doing goes deep. It'll enter you into a 360° transformation of who you are as a leader. Who you were got you here, but it won't necessarily get you where you want to go.


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Surround yourself with ambitious and like-minded leaders of diverse teams who want to continue to grow, learn and connect. Enroll in the live online program to join this high-caliber community and gain access to weekly live group-coaching sessions and ask questions.


"Working under Tamer's guidance has been instrumental in my professional growth. "

Jesa Ebina

Become A Better Leader of Diverse Teams And Get Coached 1:1 By Tamer

Do you lead mid-sized to large teams (who work remotely) and come from diverse cultural backgrounds?

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and insecure about how address problems? Is your team fractional instead of bonded together and they aren’t hitting their goals? Would you like to learn how to better lead your team, increase your communication and problem-solving skills and turn your team into a high-performing powerhouse?

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