How to dig yourself out of a career plateau (your history isn't your destiny)


It’s quite common for highly driven, motivated and ambitious corporate professional to hit a plateau at some point in their life.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, around 75% of professionals experienced a career plateau at some point in their career trajectory. Another study published in the Harvard Business Review found that around 30% of professionals feel stuck in their careers and struggle to advance despite their efforts. What’s even more surprising is that, whether we couldn’t reach our dreams and ambitions in life, or we actually did, we all go through this phase at some point. 

I’ve been there, I had a good career growth, caring friends, fantastic family, joyful live full of traveling and learning. So what was wrong? I was looking for the answer, that one thing that made me unhappy or unsatisfied despite the countless blessings I had. As I was looking for that answer, I stumbled on my coaching journey which helped me with many realizations, among which that I was changing as my life went by and so did my dreams and ambitions, and that l needed to embrace that change so I can enjoy the journey. 

Why should we embrace change?

Studies show that individuals who view change as a natural part of life and embrace it with resilience and adaptability are better equipped to navigate challenges and setbacks. This resilience allows them to bounce back from adversity and thrive in dynamic environments. Research also suggests that individuals who approach change with optimism and resilience are more likely to seek and receive social support, which can buffer the stress associated with transitions and facilitate adjustment.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey. That journey requires building a strong success mindset, and developing a high level of self awareness. Mindset is the engine that drives our efforts, keeps us going. Self-awareness on the other hand is the compass that guides us through life; sets the destinations and directs us through the way indicating which turns to take and which turns to make. 

Sadly, we often get so focused on goals and how to achieve them that we forget to enjoy the journey. We get fixated on our ambitions that we neglect realizing that we do change with every experience that happen to us in life, the joy, the frustration, the wins, the losses, the happiness, and the sadness.  

What barriers impact making a change 

We need to realize that barriers to change are within us, we own them, and enable them to stop us from moving ahead with change. Being aware of the barrier you could face in life, helps spotting them when happening in your life, and overcome it. some of the most common barriers are:

A) fear of failure

B) fear of the unknown

C) fear of financial shortage  

The lack of clarity and guidance on how to navigate life changes, gives us that “stuck” feeling. That we can’t move, and can’t reach our goals. 

How to overcome barriers of change 

The first step is always the hardest, all the other steps come consequently afterwards. That’s why I want you to ask yourself: What would you do, if you have no fear of failure? If you are given one wish to achieve any dream you want, what would it be? Think about this for a minute. Now if you can only take the first step towards achieving it, what would that step be? so, what’s stopping you from taking it! That’s your chance… This here is how you overcome the transformation barriers, by taking action. 

Then, we need to realize that our history, doesn’t define our destiny. Meaning, if you weren’t successful up until now in making a change, it doesn’t mean you never will! If you couldn’t develop a skill, get a promotion, or whatever it is that you pursued and weren’t successful, it doesn’t mean you can’t try now and succeed. Maybe even reflecting on the root of this belief of inability to do something reveals that it’s baseless, and unsubstantiated. Leaving behind the thinking of our past failures or limitations, opens up the doors for hope. Hope is a powerful tool that we often underestimate and it leads to achieving wonders.

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Stay inspired and keep moving towards your transformation! 

And remember…we can’t be upset for the results we didn’t get, for the effort we didn’t do.

Take responsibility. Own it! 

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